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About the project

ITW SYSTEMS in cooperation with the German partners BETTERLIGHTS has equipped 24 workstations with energy-saving LED lighting for the client peiteil Communications GmbH in Teltow (Germany).

Since very fine soldering work is carried out on these workstations, the right lighting concept is essential. The working area must not be either too dark or too glaring as otherwise irritation may occur. Of course, the issue of energy efficiency in the workplace also plays an important role.

We offered the optimum solution for this purpose with the manually dimmable work light. This linear LED luminaire with reflectors can be individually adapted to the required lighting levels and ensures optimal illumination of the workplace through uniform and maximum light distribution.

The employees at the desks are satisfied with the new lighting and can now work under the best lighting conditions. The LED products used here are extremely easy to maintain and have a warranty of 5 years.


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