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About the project

Modern lighting technologies are successfully implemented by our company not only in municipal solutions, but also in private projects, for example, in landscape design.

Park-type lights are an ideal solution for landscape parks and local areas illumination. A huge selection of fastening systems makes it possible to install lights even in the most inaccessible places of your park; while a comfortable light will make your garden plot bright, safe and energy-saving. The standard replacement option saves up to 60% of electrical power when compared to tungsten halogen lamps, and up to 75% when compared with gas mercury-discharge lamps (MDL), and up to 92% when compared to incandescent lamps.

Our experts will work out for you an optimal lighting project, after which it will be possible to illuminate a maximum of the territory with minimum expense, while taking into account all the peculiar properties of the territory and the comfortable arrangement of the light points.

All Park series lights are heavy-duty under rough climatic conditions from -40 °С to +50 °С, protected against dust, precipitation, ultraviolet radiation, resistant against mechanical shocks, vibration. The lights do not contain harmful substances, and do not require special disposal.

OSRAM LEDs were used in this project.


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