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About the project

“Biocon CPC” is the largest specialized pharmaceutical warehouse in Ukraine working in accordance with international GDP and GSP standards.

The key feature and the challenge of this project is that it is a warehouse of tall storage. Light suspension height is 12 m. High-power lights are usually required for such premises. Our specialists have solved this problem with D-type reflectors, used for setting the desired light intensity curve and illuminating the required storage levels.

It is necessary to note that our LED lighting system is 70% more efficient compare to the alternative system based on fluorescent lamps. Also, the Customer achieved significant savings on the cost of lighting system maintenance, because our lights do not require replacement or any maintenance work for at least a 5-year warranty period and more (up to 100,000 hours of continuous operation).

Another important factor is that our lights provide a comfortable light and do not dazzle warehouse workers who constantly look upwards while working with the goods, made possible thanks to the use of a special polycarbonate light diffuser.


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