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This solution is intended for the retrofit of the trunk lighting system consisting of T5/T8 fluorescent lamps. The essence of this retrofit consists in the installation of LED modules into the fluorescent lamp case without dismantling the case and the throttle. As a result of such retrofit, the efficiency of the lighting system will increase by 40-60%, it will be possible to control the lighting and increase the luminous flux to 60%.

In addition to technical advantages, the retrofit will provide a uniform comfortable light flux and modern design.

Application: Shopping spaces and premises with TTX-type trunk lights


Length, mm
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Luminous flux
from 4 700 to 7 400 lm
We can specify any luminous flux for our light fixtures (within maximum and minimum limits). Specific indicator depends on the Customer's requirements for illumination.
37-62 W
We can fine-tune the output by finding the best ratio between the Lm/W value (from 140 and above), the light fixture lifetime (about 100,000 hours), and the light comfort.
Color temperature (CCT)
We can specify any colour temperature: from warm white colour used mostly at home or in offices, to cold white colour, which is more common in the industry.
Power supply
165-275V 50Hz, 110-130V 60Hz, 12-36V АС/DC
In our light fixtures power supplies are tuned to the specified power, which allows to increase its efficiency by 3-10%. In standard solutions, the efficiency is sharply reduced when nominal power values are not respected.
Power supply location
The location of the power supply can be of any configuration, it depends on the specificity of the light fixture installation onto the surface and its operating conditions.
Power factor
High power factor of our light fixtures ensures the reactive supply production going to minimum level, thus the Customer's expenses for electricity reduce.
Optical system
without reflectors and optics
Some models of our light fixtures can be equipped with reflectors for forming the required light intensity curve. For example, reflectors are used in the light fixtures installed at significant altitudes (8-10 m and higher), which leads to avoid loss of light flux.
LED Manufacturer
Osram, LG
We use only the most advanced LEDs, since we create light fixtures for particular projects, and do not warehouse them. Generally, our solutions are 5-10% more effective than competitors due to more advanced LEDs.
аnodized aluminium
Housing and radiator are produced of aluminum, which increases the efficiency of LEDs by 10-15%, and extends the service life by 30-50% as compared to steel or polymer housings. And the use of aluminum mounting plate instead of textolite one allows to increase the efficiency of LEDs by 3-5% and extend the service life by 10-20%.
light diffusing polycarbonate
Our cover has light transmission efficiency of 92-93%. In standard solutions, the efficiency of light scattering materials is 80- 82%. We do not use open LEDs, transparent plafonds or lens solutions that can cause light discomfort to our consumers.
Possible choice of length
1 500 mm
The length of the light fixture is specified by its power, luminous flux, expected service life, as well as temperature operating modes.
IP rating
IP20/IP64 (IP64 optical part)
Lighting part in all our light fixtures has the maximum ingress protection rating – IP65, even if the allowed ingress protection rating is lower. We guarantee the cleanness of the cover throughout the service life of the item., The loss of luminous flux in LED lighting fixtures with dust-proof covers will be 10-20% after 3 years of operation.
Operating temperature
from 0 to +40 °C
We develop light fixtures for the operation even in extreme temperature conditions. This is relevant for street lighting, lighting of iron and steel enterprises, etc.
Control system
Optionally - Cricket, DALI, 3-level
We developed our own Cricket control system, which is much cheaper than systems developed by competitors, and allows us to save up to 30% of power consumption. This system can be configured for 3 modes of operation (maximum, medium, minimum) or programmed for the motion sensor, presence sensor, light sensor, time of day and certain dates.
5 years
Full guarantee for 5 years with the possibility of prolongation for another 5 years.


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