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Emergency power unit is designed to provide continuous operation of LED lighting fixtures of general lighting. In the event of an accident on the power line, the unit ensures the fixture will operate in emergency lighting mode. Up to three any LED fixtures from the model range can be connected to this unit, and thus cost-effective projects can be developed.

The unit contains a separate input for connecting to the signal line, which is important for premises where the lighting is not continuous.

Operation time at emergency power supply:

  • 2 hours – 7 W power output ( 2 lights)

  • 1 hour — 15 W power output ( 3 lights)


Length, mm
Asking price Send your inquiry and we will contact you for further details


Luminous flux
Power consumption
7-15 W
We can fine-tune the output by finding the best ratio between the lm/W value (from 140 and above), the light fixture lifetime (about 100,000 hours), and the light comfort.
Color temperature (CCT)
Power supply
Power supply location
Power factor
Optical system
LED Manufacturer
Lamp Housing
Housing and radiator are produced of aluminum, which increases the efficiency of LEDs by 10-15%, and extends the service life by 30-50% as compared to steel or polymer housings. And the use of aluminum mounting plate instead of textolite one allows to increase the efficiency of LEDs by 3-5% and extend the service life by 10-20%.
Possible choice of length
IP rating
Lighting parts in all of our light fixtures have the maximum ingress protection rating – IP65, even if the allowed ingress protection rating is lower. We guarantee the cleanness of the cover throughout the service life of the item. The loss of luminous flux in LED lighting fixtures with dust-proof covers will be 10-20% after 3 years of operation.
Operating temperature
from -10 to +45 °C
We develop light fixtures for operations even in extreme temperature conditions. This is relevant for street lighting, lighting of iron and steel enterprises, etc.
Control system
Optionally - Cricket, DALI, 3-level
We developed our own Cricket control system, which is much cheaper than systems developed by competitors, and allows us to save up to 30% of total power consumption. This system can be configured for 3 modes of operation (maximum, medium, minimum) or programmed for motion sensors, presence sensors, light sensors, time of day and certain dates.
5 years
Full guarantee for 5 years with the possibility of extension for another 5 years.


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