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Our clients

Our clients


1Multiple (up to 15 times) cost reduction on the lighting

    Rusults in:
  • reduction of active and reactive energy usage
  • optimal light-distribution
  • spending reduction on the lighting systems usage (lamp replacement, luminaire repairment)
  • reduction of utilization spendings on the light sources

2Individual lighting design

  • additional saving up to 3 times
  • precise calculation of the lighting levels in accordance with the state regulations or technical requirements

33D lighting design at your location for FREE

  • 3D lighting design at Your location is FREE

4Improvement of the lighting quality will result in

  • compliance with the illumination requirements
  • equal light-distribution
  • reduction in the luminous flux loping
  • comfortable color temperature and color rendition

5Service life span is more than 8 years of the useful working period

  • after-sales service
  • supervising mounting

6Ecological cleanness and reduction of the CO2 emissions

For Engineer

1Maximum efficiency of the power supply
Power supply efficiency +10%

The power supply in our lights can be fine-tuned to the optimal required level, which allows for a 3-10% increase in efficiency. In standard “off-the-shelf” power suppliers, efficiency sharply decreases when deviating from the rated power value

2Comfortable light with minimal losses
+10% Plafond efficiency

Typical lights use open light-emitting diodes, transparent diffusers or lenses, which cause discomfort and eye irritation. These lights also use materials (such as acrylic or polycarbonate) that have a luminous flux transmission efficiency of no more than 80-82%. However, we use special light-diffusing polycarbonate for our lights, resulting in a transmission efficiency of up to 92-93%. Our materials result in a more comfortable and more efficient light

3Dust resistant diffuser
+20% Luminous flux

The lighting part in all our luminaires are made with maximum protection (IP6x), even if the allowed level of protection is lower. Lighting fixtures without dust protected housing typically show up to a 10-20% degradation in luminous flux after only a few years of regular use

4Selection of different luminous intensity distribution curves
+20% Project efficiency

By using external reflectors, we create optimal light distribution for every given design and project. Depending on the project, this can yield an increase in efficiency of up to 10-20%

5The most effective light-emitting diodes
+10% Led’s efficiency

We create luminaires for each specific project and use the latest and most effective LED models in our design, optimizing by selecting the most efficient LED model for a given set of requirements. This allows us to design and produce a 5-10% more efficient product, on average, than those of our competitors

6High quality electronic components
+20% Of service life span

We use only the highest quality components in our products (light-emitting diodes, capacitors, printed circuit boards, etc.) from top manufacturers. This attention to selection of our components, as well as our rigorous quality control measures, ensures that our products will have at least a 20% longer service life span than those of our competitors

7Fine tuning of power and luminous flux
-20% Of project price
+20% Of the project efficiency

When developing a project, we select the optimal ratio of luminaires, efficiency, power and price. Our projects are 10-20% more affordable, and 15-20% more efficient than those of our competitors

8Aluminum radiator
+15% Light-emitting diode efficiency
+50% Of increase in the service life span

In our industrial lights, we use aluminum heat sinks for heat dissipation, which allows for a 10-15% increase in efficiency, and extends the service life span up to 30-50% in comparison to a steel or polymer casing

9Aluminum circuit board (PCB)
+5% Of light-emitting diode’s efficiency
+20% Of increase in the service life span

We use aluminum circuit boards instead of the traditionally used fiberglass PCB. This difference allows for an increase of the LED’s efficiency by 3-5%, and extends its service life span by 10-20%.

10Lighting control
-30% Of the power

We offer various choices on lighting control systems, allowing our clients to save up to an additional 30% of the consumed power

11Automated system for computing/selecting optimal luminaire parameters
-95% On time for choosing the luminaire

We have developed specialized software with an embedded mathematical model that enables us to construct an optimal luminaire based on your project requirements and specifications. Our partners and clients do not need to spend their valuable time searching for the right choices in catalogues anymore. Simply enter your parameters into our software and our program will compute the optimal luminaire in a matter of seconds

Our projects

About Us


ITW SYSTEMS is an ECO - friendly company, specializing in design and implementation of energy-saving lighting equipment and solutions for the commercial, municipal and government sectors. Since 2010, we help our partners to minimize energy costs through effective and safe for humans and environment systems of LED lighting. The headquarters is located in the USA, engineer and manufacturing team is located in Ukraine. We have representation offices in Germany, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Estonia.

ITW SYSTEMS work with the multi-national and local companies.

Why LED lighting:

  • Savings: reduction of expenses on electricity, maintenance and recycling
  • Comfortable light: absence of harmful radiation and flicker
  • New opportunities: instant switch on, luminous flux control
  • Excess energy: lower network load and released power


  • Huge amount of experience – more than 500 large energy-efficient projects realized
  • Our own R&D, design and high-tech manufacturing
  • Customized and optimized solution for each client
  • The most reliable components from the leading manufacturer
  • Flexible manufacturing
  • Warranty of at least 5 years (optional extended warranty 6-10 years)
  • All our products are CE and RoHS compliant
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