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Control systems

ITW SYSTEMS lighting control systems are designed in accordance with new trends in the market and customer requirements. To provide a wide range of functions, it is possible to use units compatible with the lights, for the control according to DALI protocol. Cricket control system is many times cheaper than DALI control system, and also it allows to save on electricity when using a limited number of functions. A novelty in the market was the use of 3-mode power sources, it made it possible to save tremendously on electricity, at minimum investment. The main characteristics of ITW SYSTEMS automated lighting control systems are as follows:

  • 3-mode power supply (maximum, nominal and economical power modes);
  • the possibility of installing a control system for both one light and a group of lights;
  • flexibility of settings in accordance with the customer’s needs and technical requirements of the project;
  • lighting mode can be programmed for motion, sound, presence sensors, as well as for different seasons and light conditions.




With us it is profitable to cooperate

Competitive cost solutions

In developing the project, we select the optimum ratio of the number of lamps, their performance, power and price. Our projects by 10-20% cheaper and more efficient than the competition.

Save up to 90%

Savings in power to 70% as compared with fluorescent lamps and up to 90% compared to incandescent lamps. Additional savings on lamp replacement and maintenance.

Warranty up to 10 years

5 years full warranty on the equipment and the possibility of extension for another 5 years.

Individual production of lamps

If the project involves the lighting of 72 W, we make them with the specified capacity. We do not use standard solutions at 70 or 80 watts, to be or not powerful enough, or expend extra energy.

Quick return on investment

We provide a reduction in energy costs and maintenance of lighting up to 15 times. making the payback period - from 6 months to 2 years.

Implementation of the project

From design to production, installation, warranty and post-warranty service.
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