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Lighting audit

Lighting audit

Audit of the current lighting system is carried out remotely or by the ITW SYSTEMS specialists on a call-out basis. Examination of current lighting systems is completely free of charge as a part of the further implementation of new ITW SYSTEMS LED lighting.

Onsite, our specialists shall:

  • study the technical documentation for the facility
  • carry out measurements of the geometry of the prremises and the equipment
  • current illumination level
  • receive detailed information from the customer, according to the questionnaire
  • determine the type and the number of current lighting devices and their operation mode for calculating the payback of the future investment in the LED lighting.

In order to reduce the term of the lighting audit and the preliminary design, a remote examination of the facility may be conducted; for which purpose it is necessary:

  • to send drawings of the building (in AutoCad format or other known electronic format for drawings), with specified scale and dimensions;
  • to specify the scheme of the equipment layout in the drawing, and specify the equipment height;
  • to provide sufficient number of photos for understanding the types of ceilings in all rooms, the equipment layout, and the workplaces situation;
  • to fill out the Customer’s questionnaire, and send the data set to ITW SYSTEMS e-mail
The result of the lighting examination is the preliminary calculation of the transition to LED lighting, the calculation of savings and the return on investment in the lighting system modernization.

Cost of services

You are welcome to get the calculation and lighting project for free!

To order a design, fill out the form below or call us.


Leave the application and get advice on the design of lighting systems at your facility.

Scheme provision of services

Design and calculation of illumination can be carried out with the departure of our specialists on the subject, or by remote diagnosis. You need to fill in a questionnaire, to provide drawings and photographs of the building, equipment and circuit arrangement of the light level measurements.

First communion

Learn about your objectives, requirements, features of the object.


You fill out a questionnaire so that we can more deeply explore the objectives of the project.


You provide a drawing and a photo of the building, the scheme of arrangement of equipment, technical parameters of the existing lighting system.


Our experts or you yourself are doing illumination measurements at the site.


Based on this information, we conduct an audit of the current system and analyze the feasibility of its modernization.


We design lighting design, as well as offer solutions to the cost and terms of its return on investment.

Free engineering

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With us it is profitable to cooperate

Competitive cost solutions

In developing the project, we select the optimum ratio of the number of lamps, their performance, power and price. Our projects by 10-20% cheaper and more efficient than the competition.

Save up to 90%

Savings in power to 70% as compared with fluorescent lamps and up to 90% compared to incandescent lamps. Additional savings on lamp replacement and maintenance.

Warranty up to 10 years

5 years full warranty on the equipment and the possibility of extension for another 5 years.

Individual production of lamps

If the project involves the lighting of 72 W, we make them with the specified capacity. We do not use standard solutions at 70 or 80 watts, to be or not powerful enough, or expend extra energy.

Quick return on investment

We provide a reduction in energy costs and maintenance of lighting up to 15 times. making the payback period - from 6 months to 2 years.

Implementation of the project

From design to production, installation, warranty and post-warranty service.



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